Friday, June 19, 2009

Philly loses another legend, Gary Papa dies

The rain came down all week in the Delaware Valley, but the clouds parted and the sun came out on Friday afternoon. However, for many Philadelphia Sports fans, that was the end of the good from this day as they slowly learned that Gara Papa, the 6ABC sports anchor for more than 25 years died.

The fans loved Gary, and much of that was because of the heart and soul he put into all of his work, and the dedication how gave to the fans in giving them the best reporting possible for Philadelphia sports.

As Gary began losing his hair in early 2004, he announced to everyone on air that he was battling prostate cancer. All of the love he gave to the fans came back during this difficult time as he received sympathy from Philly fans everywhere he went because we knew he was sharing a very private and difficult moment in his life with us. He made a recovery, but again in 2007 needed to undergo chemotherapy. Once again, he shared it with us.

Many will participate in this Sundays "Run 4 Your Life", an annual Father's Day Prostate run, with Papa on their minds. Anchors from 6ABC will participate in the run, and they will wear "Team Papa" t-shirts.

Papa always had the Philadelphia fan on his mind, and many fans thought of him as family when they watched him on television every night in their living rooms. We will all miss you Gary. R.I.P.

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