Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Joe Buck Rediculously Embarrassed on His Own Show; Philly Fans Everywhere Happy

You probably didn't know until today, but last night the "Joe Buck Live" show aired for the first time. With the way things went, it may be the last time as well. Why? Well, Artie Lange came on the show and absolutely ruined it for Buck. The only way it would have been worse was if Lange burnt the studio down with Buck still inside.

Lange is a regular on the Howard Stern Show. If you know nothing about Lange, you know that having a guy from the Stern show is a trainwreck waiting to happen.

Basically, what Lange is known for during talk shows like this is coming on and hijacking it. He made homo jokes, cracked jokes on Buck, and started lighting cigarettes on the air. You could tell Buck wanted to jump out of his chair and knock this guy out, he was utterly embarrased, and after the biased he showed against the Phillies last year, I couldn't have been happier watching it.

Now, there's no way I can type up what Lange said because of the language used, but the great people at Deadspin have a video that I'm going to post below. This is not safe for work, not safe if there are kids around, etc but it is the funniest thing you will see. Thanks to Deadspin for providing the video on its website.


  1. I heard Stern and Artie talking about this today on Sirius.. I had been away from Sirius for a few days.. I knew nothing about this interview and well I have to admit that after hearing comments from Maddog, Francessa, Stern, Robin etc.. I really thought Artie did a complete psycho but I have to say that Artie was funny, organized in thought, his jokes were logical, not phrenetic.. I think everyone owes Artie an apology and for gods sakes give the guy credit for being funny. What, did Artie kill someone on the show? No. Did people laugh in the audience? Yes! I laughed out loud (LOL) no kidding.. So Artie did what he does.. he makes people laugh.. and Artie's on the once 'cool' Stern's show but we all know Stern is now a fag himself 'in therapy', 'in bed at 8pm', 'vegetarian' I mean come on let's dress Howard Stern in a blouse and shirt already and do the surgery- ps- I would have pointed out if Artie went crazy here or 'psycho' but I'm sorry I just didn't see that.. Was he arrogant and somewhat beligerent? Yeah, and if you know Artie you most likely would ask "when is he not"? So, if you don't know Artie then don't invite him on your show! Who invited Artie and expected Gay Howard to show up? Fire that person and we got ourselves some closure here!

    pss- Artie just did Joe Buck the biggest favor of his life! Buck, thank Artie the next time you see him because your show otherwise would be very 'forgettable' where as now it is 'unforgettable' and you cannot pay for that, nor did you you ungrateful bashtad!

    gerard haughey
    stern fan network "irishaj" everyone knows me!